Video Production

When you see a local TV commercial while watching your favorite TV shows, you usually know that you are watching a LOCAL commercial, mostly because of the poor quality and sometimes poor acting. We strive to produce high quality video productions. We can work with you from concept creation to editing to ensure you have a good concept or story line and that it is recorded and edited appropriately.

In today’s fast-paced visual world, professional video is the calling card of a quality organization. Company videos, presentation videos, product demos, employee training videos, and customer testimonials are all powerful visual tools in achieving your business goals.

MindTrig Studios provides Hollywood-quality video production. You’ll see our work across the web, on television, and displayed in corporations across the United States. Give us a call today to discuss your next corporate video production project.

When suitable, we can produce your high quality commercial, implementing special effects and green screens to really wow your audience. Our green screens allow us to key out and change the background to make you appear as if you are basically anywhere you would like to appear. Affiliated with local talent, we can help get you where you want to be.

Video Production adds to our total package of award winning website development in New Jersey!