Search Engine Optimization

Let our team of SEO experts develop and execute a plan to improve your SEO rank on Google™, Yahoo® & Bing™.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the term used to describe your placement or ranking on search engines such as Google or Yahoo for example. Your ability to get a high placement in search engines and ultimately get found is dependent on many variables. The format of your website, the keywords embedded in your website, the amount of visitors to your site, the amount of competing websites that exist, etc. can all have an impact on how easy or difficult it is to find your website through either specific or generic keywords. (It is basically always harder to get found through generic keywords than specific, unique keywords because there are more competing websites fighting for this top placement.)

Although we always strive to assist you in the process inherently, one way to circumvent this issue is through ad campaigns through advertisers such as Google, Facebook, etc. This is why you often hear so much about these companies, not to mention their multi-billion dollar values. We can not only develop your awesome website but also strategically create and monitor campaigns to help drive the traffic you want to your website.

  • Repair Broken Code – Search engines like Google™ read websites like a book and it is important that title tags, alt tags, site maps, and code are written specifically for search engine robots. Our experts will analyze and optimize the code on your website to increase the chances your website will rank prominently.
  • Content Optimization – The content on your website must be easy for both humans and search engines to read. Our experts will optimize content on your site such that it not only reads well for a human audience but it also makes your website highly relevant to search engines.
  • Build Links – Your website gains importance with search engines when other relevant websites link back to your site. Our experts will get other relevant sites to link back to you.
  • Tracking & Reporting – You will review the results of our efforts with your dedicated SEO consultant.
  • SEO & link building.
  • Keyword research for new/existing cases.
  • On-page SEO for new/existing properties.
  • Off-page SEO.
  • Maintain relationships with vendors and monitor links/rankings.
  • Social media/bookmarks.
  • Press releases.
  • Reporting – Track progress of on/off page SEO efforts for monthly executive meetings.
  • Analysis – Ongoing analysis of our existing properties and competitors.
  • Content development.
  • Provide strategic direction to the content development team.
  • Provide strategic guidance to the content development team with keyword selection that is in line with our organic goals.
  • Social media marketing.
  • Maintain our existing social media presence while looking for new ways to acquire qualified traffic/leads.
  • Integrate out social platforms with our existing organic/paid efforts.
  • Pay per click management.
  • Creation/management of PPC campaigns.
  • Ongoing optimization of ad groups, keywords, bids.
  • Email marketing.

With over 22 years in the industry we are New Jersey SEO Experts.